Payment related issues

Q1. I have paid twice. What should I do to get reimbursement for the extra payment?

You don’t have to do anything. Contact us only if you do not get refund by 31st October 2015.


Q2. I have made a payment. Money has been deducted from my account, but still GOAPS still asks me to make a payment. What should I do?

Do nothing. GOAPS will reflect your payment in three working days. IN case we do not get your payment, we shall contact you.


Q3. I have paid the application fees but bank charges (Rs. for 11 OLB) have not been deducted. Should I be worried?

Please don’t worry if you have made the payment successfully.


Q4. I completed my profile and proceeded to make payment, it’s showing secured connection failed.

Sorry for the inconvenience. SBI server is busy. Please wait and try again later to complete your transaction.


Q5. Where is the option for paying through E-Challan?

Please proceed to payment window. available there.